Friday, June 3, 2011

The Communist Baba

So Baba Ramdev wants to do amaran anshan or in English Fast Unto Death to end corruption in India. He wants to bring back all money stashed by Indians in swiss bank accounts and those with money in such banks should be hanged according to him.. Fuck man.. I though with the recent reverses in west bengal, we had seen the last of 'lal salaam' in India. Clearly, Communist funding in India has found a new outlet.. This man who has earned the following of mindless zombies impressed by his two bit breathing exercises is seeking to disrupt the normal functioning of democracy in India and essentially attempting to bring about a communist revolution..

Now I am the first one who is against corruption.. but his methods are nothing but disruptive. There are merits to his arguments, but you cant go about making laws which make those people vulnerable who have creative ways of making money through forex trading and overseas consultancy gigs. Such income can escape taxation in India legally. For example, If I sitting in New Delhi, consult on some foreign project anywhere in the world and am paid in Us dollars which I choose to keep in a foreign bank. This in principle is hard earned money which I choose to keep in a foreign bank to avoid paying taxes on it. This transaction is legal and no law in any country can make me pay taxes on it.

another example is fluctuations in prices of gold. I buy gold in Indian rupees, take it with me abroad and sell it in Us dollars and again keep the money in a swiss bank account. I cannot be compelled to pay taxes on the profit that i make on such a transaction unless of course I reside in china

the point here is that there is a fine line between bending the rules and illegal black money which for example comes from scams such as CWG scam, 2G scam and so forth. Yes there is a need for greater transparency and recovery of such funds. but that would come through generic evolution and on case by case basis. Not all Indians who have swiss bank accounts are traitors. I urge people who are into ramdev breathing and kundalini bullshit to use the things he preaches and think.. Does a rapidly growing economy with global business making multiple investments need political instability??

BTW babaji, where does all the chanda come from for your trust and all?? I hope you are paying some taxes on it..

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the great indian trivalley debate

I wasnt supposed to blog for a while.. but a recent comment by my mom over her phone where she was like "beta USA is no longer good for Indian students" actually forced my hand.. that and an obnoxious experiment that I have to baby sit..

So trivalley university.. lets see, this problem of diploma mills is an age old american problem. The easiest and legal route to immigrate to US is through F1 visa. in terms of requirement, the only thing you need is an I20 and proof of funds for your education and presto chango your green card wet dreams are fulfilled.. It has become easier these days to secure proof of funds. I recently read somewhere that per capita income in India has risen to Rs 50k which is quite bit much.. The problem remains obtaining an I20. As with any capitalist economy, demand creates supply and preto chango we have educational consultants in India like Jambooree, some random guy in malviya nagar (in delhi) who gurantees you admits for Rs 1 lakh (his game is you apply to five schools and you get atleast two options´) and scores of shady shops on upper floors of nehru place.. these fraudsters are not regulated and neither are their practices put on paper.

I was nearly duped by jamboreee at new delhi. I could see what they were doing.. Inflated CV, over exaggerated personal statements.. they bascially lie on students behalf, not tellin them of the consequences that happen when you lie.. but this isnt the worse thing they do.. Some of them also exact a commission from multiple such diploma mills.. they tell students that if they apply to atleast 5 schools of their choice, their admission is 'guranteed'. Now if 21 + year olds think that they cannot be held accountable for such a transaction then they are sadly mistaken. Their defence that they were granted valid visas does not protect them from culpability from this fraud. There are 300+ universities offering higher education in US. if you choose a place just cause its in california or there are 1000 students there from your state, then you are inviting trouble from the outset. selecting a school ranked top 100 in US news ( ranking available freely online ) gurantees that you are going into a valid program. As far as these students possessing valid US visas goes, when you put a dense sludge on a fine sieve, some particulate is bound to get through. And then these students also misunderstand what a visa is. Strictly speaking, a F1 visa is a letter requesting entry to US soil. Entry is given provided they havent falsified any information and will uphold the law of the land. A sovereign nation has all rights to protect its boundries and punish those who break the law of the land. who will be to blame if some of these students cross mexican border from texas or california for example?? Arent foreign nationals engaged in drug trade prosecuted in India?? Thos who become victims of violent crimes every year do their governments interefere in the functioning of the law of land in India?? the answer is a big NO

If anything, I think the US government has treated these kids with dignity and respect.. putting them in a detention center with hardened criminals would have put them in the way of far more eggregious harm than minor discomfort of wearning an electronic tracking device. Its upto the Government of India and Indian media to stop being a cry baby and probe how did 1500 students from AP ended up in a single University.. who is the front of this racket here in India?? Its high time, we look at our own mess which gets dumped elsewhere

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Experienced Scientists for Sale in India Cost < $400 per month:

dear all

today we talk about shining India.. India, the land of burgeoning economy, the place where the dreams of the middle class man is quashed every day amongst the rising prices of onions and petrol and dropping prices of beer. Where not so long ago, an aloo parantha was sold for Rs 20 and is now sold for as high as Rs 200. Where a kid growing up really has two options; become a doctor or an IT engineer and help run this great sham of democracy.. (in reality it is a plutocracy but more on that later).. Every year some lame ass minister takes up podiums across IITs, TIFRs and IIScs of this great country and stresses the need of advancing science education in this country.. that we need more scientists and scientists should be encouraged.. today In this piece, I bring to light, the shoddy state of affairs of science education in India.. India whose talented scientists are winning Nobel Prizes, starting cutting edge start up companies and driving global economies, in that very great India, the superpower to recon with in 2020 has so many unemployed scientists that their skills are for sale for less than $400 a month.. thats right ladies and gentlemen, $400 a month.. for that much money you can hire a person with double masters in science and engineering or 5 published journal articles with more than 10 citations, a paltry sum, less than what is paid to entry level software programmers in india(>Rs 25000 per month), or jobless people in america (>$2000 per month) or lab interns at any shady university on this planet, our very own Delhi Technological University (DTU) announced hiring of exceptional talent for $400 per month on CONTRACTS for a year with no promise of continued employment and they have found talented scientists and engineers to fill these ridiculous job offers.. My feelings on this are ambivalent, whether to congratulate my alma mater or to cry on the state of affairs of science and education in my country

when this ad came out a few days ago

TIFAC- Centre of Relevance and Excellence ( CORE) invites applications purely on temporary positions for a year :-

1. Senior Technical Officer :
Age limit: Candidates should not be more than 40 years.
Qualification: Candidates should be B.E./ B.Tech in Electronics & Communication / Instrumentation with having 4 years of experience OR Candidates have M.E./ M.Tech Degree with 2 years of experience in Optical Fiber Communication OR Ph.D in Optical Fiber/ Microwave Communication.
Salary: Candidates will get consolidated salary of Rs.20000/- p.m.
2. Senior Scientific Officer
Age limit: Candidates should not be more than 40 years.
Qualification: Candidates should be M.Sc Physics/ Electronics with having 4 years of experience or Ph.D in relevant subject.
Salary: Candidates will get consolidated salary of Rs.20000/- p.m.
3. Senior Technical Assistant
Age limit: Candidates should not be more than 40 years.
Qualification: Candidates should be B.E./ B.Tech in ECE or M.Sc Physics/ Electronics with 2 years of experience in the relevant field.
Salary: Candidates will get consolidated salary of Rs.15000/- p.m.
4. Lab Assistant
Age limit: Candidates should not be more than 40 years.
Qualification: Candidates should have Diploma in Electronics of Electrical Engineering or B.SC with relevant experience.
Salary: Candidates will get consolidated salary of Rs.8000/- p.m.
5. Project Fellow
Age limit: Candidates should not be more than 40 years.
Qualification: Candidates should be M.Sc Physics/ Electronics.
Salary Candidates will get consolidated salary of Rs.8000/- p.m.

I was quite amused.. Here I am sitting in sweden, not a PhD yet (and there are scores like me) being paid $2000 a month by goverment of sweden (they pay twice this much to their regular students) to do research here and there is quite joke of an ad, trying to hire highly qualified people (freshly minted PhDs no less) for paltry sum of $400 a month?? .. this has to be a joke right I thought.. something is wrong here.. This college of mine was rechristened as an autonomous university for achieving excellence in research and development, a college creating fake quotas, organizing bull-shit seminars, crap-o-fests with rent a hour bhands, speakers with next to little pedigree (the present VC included), would surely step up in the arena of what is supposed to be their forte.. for the very purpose they were formed.. to establish a world class institution imparting quality science and technology education in india.. but no.. in this country of scam a day running into crores, this minor anomaly (scientists for sale at a price you could not even get a decent, disease free escort for an hour anywhere on this planet) is going unreported, undetected and infact celebrated on the front pages of a reputed scientific university.. I for once cannot let this travesty go unnoticed..

This is from website not under any copyrights, so I assume i can copy and paste it.. the source has been duly cited

following are the people recruited to the above mentioned posts..
Following Candidates are selected for various scientific and technical positions based on the Interview held on January 18th 2011

1) Ambrish – Senior Technical Officer

2) Swati Rawal - Senior Scientific Officer

3) Shruti –Senior Technical Assistant

4) Monika Rajput -Senior Technical Assistant

5) Rahul Khurana –Lab Assistant

a quick google search tells me that these people posses superior skills and qualifications.. it is saddening to see such talent stuck in a dead end job with no prospects of salary increments or promotion.. This saddens me.. while venture capitalists all over the world

a vying for indian talent, this talent in its home cuntry is treated with utter disrespect. a little bit about TIFAC CORE
Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC) is an autonomous organization set up in 1988 under the Department of Science & Technology to look ahead in technologies, assess the technology trajectories, and support technology innovation by network actions in select technology areas of national importance.
In 1993, TIFAC embarked upon the major task of formulating a Technology Vision for the country in various emerging technology areas. The outcome of the Technology Vision 2020 exercise led to the set of 17 documents, including sixteen technology areas and one on services. The effort was a unique and pioneering exercise that involved more than 5,000 experts including scientists, technologists and corporate managers from academia, industry and the government.

TIFAC continues to strive for technology development of the country by leveraging technology innovation through sustained and concerted programmes in close association with academia and industry.

all this balbber jabber and what do they do for retaining talent in India?? Jack Shit.. For the benefit of my brothers and sisters in the science community, I put here this link

go apply for scores of scholarships available on this website.. your talents are in demand all across the globe accept in india.. let these dumb ministers harp on about scientific glory lost to rest of the world as they pocket bucket loads of money and park it into swiss bank accounts.. you for once.. have a right to a life with dignity, a quantum of respect which exceeds that afforded to low costs escorts selling their wares for an hourly sum that exceeds your monthly salary



Wednesday, January 5, 2011

deciphering meluhans : Who gets to decide what is good and what is evil

a very happy new year to whosoever reads the ramblings of this self-professed analyst.. Its been four years writing this blog.. The past four years of my life have been extremely eventful and this blog and its readers, ever dependable companions.. The primary purpose of starting this blog was to write down and channelize my thoughts on topics of relevance. I am no God and yet reflecting on whatever I have written thus far in this blog, I sense a bias.. What good is an analysis if there is a presumed bias.. who am I to decide what is right and what is wrong? why should I castigate someone or something if all they do differ from me in their opinion?? If i dont like like the acting of bhai himesh then maybe I should shut up or if I like a movie why should I praise it?? or if I dont like the events of the past 18 months at my alma mater then I should not vocalize my feelings on a public forum.. I was forced to ponder over these existential questions while reading thie noval called 'Immortals of Meluha' by amish an IIM grad turned writer. The work is a modern take on civilization of the Indus valleys written under the assumption that Indus valley civilization was set up by lord ram and lord shiv was a human of flesh and blood; this work being part one of a trilogy detailing his efforts to save this brilliant civilization.

It is now clear to me that there is no right or wrong. Every human being, by definition has the right to have an opinion and by corollary should have the freedom to express dissent in any form they choose as long as it does not the life and liberty of public at large.. This is the ideal scenario. In this day and age however, there is an omni potent and omnipresent mahadev whose darkest con has been to make itself inconspicuous. allow me to unmask the kalyugi mahadev by using the recent DCE/DTU controversy I blogged extensively about in the last 8 months. This got very personal for me for two reasons. a) I am an alumnus and b) I am an intellectual and my job is to question things. So I blogged and blogged away. I raised some meaningful arguments which was dismissed as double speak and heresey kind of what suryavanshishs did to chandravanshishs in this novel. It is easy to dismiss things as heresay.. people rarely have concrete proofs. I mean comeone, will I ever find a journal entry in Dr P.B. Sharma's personal diary which says "I converted DCE to DTU so that I could get five more years of salary and retirement benefits as the VC of a deemed university" ?? I wish I or any one else was that lucky. While what I and a lot of students parents and alumni chose to say about this conversion can be dismissed as heresay, what CBI has to say about talwars in the arushi talwar murder case is portrayed as solid proof in Indian Media. It is a disturbing trend I have been noticing for the past five years. We dont see the facts being reported. We see the news that we are meant to see, that helps certain quarters while undermining the interests of others. The nira radia expose is a prime example of such misuse of power by the Indian media exercised by selling their ethics to the highest bidder driven by ideological or financial gains. Therefore, in this day and age, the Mahadev or the God of Gods is the Indian Media. The people lap up what they report as the absolute truth and the rest is heresay.. I mean come on.. If they can find the sex tapes of a swami and an actress, I am pretty sure they can find incriminating evidence against errant army generals, IIT professors (one of whom coincidently happens to be on the board of DCE/DTU), bank executives and CWG organizers. but then again, where is the fun or to put in their own/my language, 'TRPs/somras' in that??

In the immortals of meluha, the word of neelkanth is said to be absolute, he is the destroyer of all evil and harbinger of all things good. good or evil, in this day and age, the word of Indian media is absolute. In this kalyug, there is no asura and no deva there is only Indian media..

(Side note : Noticeable achievements of Dr Sharma since 2004 are an autonomous vehicle that still cannot fly autonomously because the students choose to use the evolution boards instead of designing the whole thing from scratch, a bunch of other toys, schematics of which can be found online, a bunch of fake quotas which can be misused for monetary gains by a mere ration card, hiring sub par faculty, starting redundant courses which puts unsuspecting students in a position where they cannot find jobs in their areas of core competency ( his MOUs with third rate IT companies look good for inflated placement rates), starting an MBA program for 60 odd students with three full time faculty members, sitting idle when students were lathi charged(a shameful first in the history of this college), sitting idle when students were being beaten up inside the campus, running an entrepreneurship symposium with a third rate TV bhand at the center of attraction (possibly the first such exposition in the world TBH soon) and so forth. But then again, his doings are far less severe than those of his more powerful contemporaries and hence unworthy of the attention of Indian media. I hope mahadev reads this one day or abandons his thirst of somras (TRPs))

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Job that should be done by an independent entity

Reputed US universities visiting DTU and their rank for engineering programs

Clark University 107

University of Mississippi RNP

University of South Carolina 102

Ohio University, 121

Auburn University, 70

Western Michigan University, RNP

University of Alabama at Birmingham, 137

Thomas College, this name does not exist in USnews database

Rutgers University, 51

Long Island University this name does not exist in USnews database

I urge students to take whatever these universities say/said with a pinch of salt..



Wednesday, October 6, 2010


ah well..

peace needs to return to this blogspot.. atleast till I get back to USA.. To the readers who follow me, the update is that I am in goteborg sweden.. I am here on a scholarship from government of Sweden and goal of the project at chalmers university of technology is to study the dynamics of VCSELs(sorry thats about what I can write here).. VCSELs are extremely small lasers which provide the advantage of photonic integration, low per unit production cost and easy of testing due to light coming out vertically from them.. Their applications range from local access communication networks to Photonic Intergrated Circuits and gas and pressure Sensors. As I venture from the world of Fiber optics to the world of semiconductors, this experience is very crucial for me to understand this new emerging class of semiconductor devices.

enough of the boring work details.. lets talk about Sweden.. Sweden is a beautiful country.. Not just the locales and the architecture and the paved streets but most people I have met with have beautiful hearts.. Be it my swedish advisor who came to pick me up at the airport, to my group members who are extremely supportive and forthcoming with help and guidance to small community of Indian Students here who are more warm and welcoming than anyone I have met at rochester NY... Its true as the number of Indians increase beyond a critical number, they tend to form clusters and become cold and distant!! you see this everywhere in America but not so in Sweden..

Monday, October 4, 2010


My dear friend

I could probably write another long post, especially since I am on a break today due to downtime at my lab but I see that will not solve anything.. the point is we are two different sides of the same coin

You feel proud about a TOY SHERA whereas I see it as a minor achievement being extolled beyond reason. That toy incorporates well known tech involving motion sensors, possibly pressure sensors, actuators, sound and LED circuits which are available off the shelf.. A real innovation would have been something which moves and has 3-D freedom of motion. And yes, those students made it but soo much hooplah about something so minor is actually the fundamental flaw we face as a nation. this is exactly why I got involved in DTU debate. It is actually a nothing, a void made to look like something big that an act needs to brought up in the parliament to enact it..

like i said before, I raised my point, I was abused, then I abused then you abused then I abused and finally this cycle seems to be ending.. so I dont need a new post anymore.. this matter is under judicial review and I am sure judiciary will do the right thing (whatever it is). That is the last bastion against corruption that still stands in our country..

small pointers :

Took a while going through the posts unleashed by Prashant Baveja. Congratulations Prashant! You seem to have a solution for all the problems, I stand impressed.....

But how exactly do you think your suggestions are practical? Are ideas the only seed towards accomplishing something

People like pranav mistry, Ashutosh Saxena have had the answers since they were kids.. they have been repeatedly dismissed by grey haired individuals like hon VC ( and head honchos at CSIR who have the notion that wisdom is a monotonically increasing function of age. People like mistry and saxena have been leaving india since 1950 and will continue to do so. India as a nation has been extolling mediocrity since 1948 and will continue to do so. Oh look we tried and tried hard.. women are being raped in delhi, kids are being targeted by pedophiles, farmers are committing suicide, sex ratios are going haywire, female infanticide is on the rise, we are diluting the brand value of our premier education institutions such as IITs and DCE and then we spend close to 1000 crore on CWG out of which more than half is unaccounted for and we as a nation are supposed to feel proud of it?? or for DTU or for the multiple IITs we know have?? really dude?? I cannot feel proud and never will period!!

I am not even a fraction of their pedigree.. I am more of an executer than a thinker.. to improve my thinking faculties is the very reason I started my PhD.. I am getting there.. trust me.. Its my life goal and I plan to achieve it

2. ) My karma is defined by me and I take responsibility for it. However HOn. V.C. has to reply for his 'KARMA' sooner than me.. I wish him all the best

3. ) In the near future, I will write him an open letter, detailing what all happened, my reservation against DTU and his actions..

4.) I hope your confidence translates into something useful.. Spirit of entrepreneurship has been around in DCE forever. I hope it fosters into something useful. I however KNOW that it will not

5.) The US university fair that you feel happy about, kindly check the credentials of those universities.. These are exactly those universities which consultants in INDIA use to get fake I20s for kids. Kids going to these schools end up in gas stations or driving cabs and get shot.. depressing but true. I would not take what they say on face value and neither should anybody.. this is why I paste this on your more popular blog as well.. I would acknowledge such an effort if virginia tech, virginia commonwealth universoity, arizona state university, university of florida gainsville, florida state university at Tallahassee, university of arizona, boston university, SUNY Albany, SUNY stony brook, university of delaware etc come to the campus.. these arent the top ten.. these are the univs average to bright kids go to here in America. These are the universities which acknowledge IITs through their alumni network.. bring them to DTU campus and let their admission Councillors counsel the students.. At that point, I will gladly retire..

6.) your blog now comes at number 10 while searching for my name.. It will go down.. but it is something I am proud of and always will be

7.) I will be back in 6-8 months from now.. 2-3 more good papers later and we will compare and contrast what DTU has achieved vs what I have achieved.. All my achievements (my papers have author bio and In all my bios I am a student of DCE and forever will be) are dedicated to DCE and forever will be.. Like always I denounce this conversion in strictest of terms


read this report if you have time.. points out a lot of things that I am trying to say.. the jist is, new blood isnt allowed to 'fix' the system.. you challenged it, you get screwed.. I dont care if I am screwed and bad blogs are written about me.. its only a proof that I am on the path of being a good scientist!!

Let's give ourselves some time...after all, what logic can dictate comparison of a University established in 1865 with a University established in 2010?!

this is whr you keep on contradicting your own self.. you say you are ex-DCE but at the same time you say that DTU was established in 2010.. DCE has been around since 1942 and your pioneer visionary has been around since 1990. All I say is has DCe achieved even 25% of what cornell has??

Rather than being proud of what we have achieved on our own (read: zero external funding, zero external consultancy and academicians, well you know them!),
whose fault is it I ask?? When Prof Sinha joined in 1997 or many others for that matter, if they were given some sort of start-up capital, they would have achieved a lot more.. The system has failed this great institution.. This institution who has generated alumini who went on to partner philip johnson ( the father of modern architecture!! ) and even now this system which is called DTU will fail this great institution as it is not correcting the ills of the past..

Toy Cars: Thank you for appreciating the honest efforts of the students, isn't it good enough that amongst the rankings you posted on your blog, DTU is the only Asian University mentioned? At least we are doing things, and we must laud the efforts, rather than calling them toy cars.

Here too, I have been misquoted.. I have never cast an aspersion on the efforts of students who build these cars. Its a very noble effort but what is the intention behind this effort?? if we go back in the history, the concept of making cars was pioneered by the defianz racing team.. students picked up on the idea of the glamor and press coverage associated with this as well as being on the good books of the then principal and the now Hon. VC and then every year, the students who couldnt make it to one team start their own.. this is clearly a bad precedent the moral responsibility of which I put squarely on Hon. VC Sh. P. B . Sharma.. these students might do well at these universities but the fundamental spirit behind learning and innovation is not being fostered in them for which the above mentioned person is responsible... I ask of these students at DCE/DTU to make a project which doesnt take them to a competition. Lets say a robotic arm which is capable of autonomously opening the lid of a jar. Now that is a real project.. Its still a matter of research for various applications.. there are no student competitions for it.. you dont get the circuit of the flight controller when you google how to build an unmanned aerial vehicle and you dont get any prize for making it work.. just the pure satisfaction of learning.. the students who make this are the students which WILL SURELY do REALLY WELL at MIT/HARVARD etc and can pretty much better a PRASHANT BAVEJA without breaking a sweat!! thats how much I believe in students of DCE provided their hearts are in the right place.. right now they are not!!! another side question// these students who made this shera for political mileage with delhi CM.. what if they were instead encourage to make this arm an automated assembly line for some sort.. from what i understand they are startup and need some sort of start up capital or project.. surely something like this would give them that opportunity!! alas they are wasted in making a toy....

A short Note on biodiesel

I refer you to the defination of the word used by your HON VC many times

Innovation is a change in the thought process for doing something, or the useful application of new inventions or discoveries

so an innovation is not necessarily a new discovery.. It could also be a new application of existing state of the art.. while you say this

Sadly, the project is led by some very incompetent people like NK, but then it is an important research on its own in the context of India. I also understand that not much has been done to take the project forward, but this responsibility should/must lie with the lead researcher, not PBS. He provided all he could to take the project forward.

I say this.. Hon Vc has been taking credit for this project since the very begining. he drive the so called biodiesel car in the campus. flaunts it as a green initiative and then when things come on the chopping block, he puts the blame back on the researchers?? come on.. biodiesel being produced on campus in my mind is still a BRILLIANT idea.. An INNOVATIVE policy of Campus Carbon Credits could be implemented wherein students who park their car on campus given a 10% tuition credit if their car is diesel and they buy atleast 100 liters of locally produced biodiesel at Rs 50 per liter per year.. they can be charged for it upfront and given a credit card for swiping at a local refilling station.. those who continue to use petrol can be charged 10% Environmental Surcharge and same can be extended to faculty as well.. an enhancement in pay vs a reduction in pay model which is workable with MUTUAL discussion and not Autocratically as he usually goes about doing his business.. I think biodiesel is a wonderful idea but being deserted as a adopted child now that more colorful projects are being proposed.. I have seen him wear his tardy blue suit every time a project is announced.. he smiles in front of camera.. makes big speeches with hollow promises.. does he care to follow up?? if he takes credit in front of the media then blame is on him.. how can you say he has done all that he can wherein with his 40+ years of experience this simple idea is something he couldn't come up with.. And FYI this is not my idea..

If he reads this tomorrow, and decides to implement this, I am sure he will claim this idea as his own.. this is the definition of academic fraud which he has been perpetrating for last so many years. So that is why i dont blame the researchers who are making biodiesel.. the blame lies with the policymaker who without knowing what to do with it calls it innovative in the press